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P.E. at Home

Overview:  Schools today are pressured to focus on math and science, often leaving structured physical education in the hands of overworked teachers.  Parents can make sure that their children are getting the recommended amount of physical activity, helping them perform better academically as a result!  Here are a couple of ideas to make sure kids get the most out of their day.


  1. Everyone plays, regardless of their ability.  Older kids could have a more advanced role in a game, or have a more difficult activity compared to younger siblings. Parents can set an example by playing along, not just watching.
  2. Arrange games so there is a minimal amount of waiting.  Games that involve waiting in a line are not only boring, but don't let kids get the amount of sustained activity they need.
  3. Balance the activities.  There should be an activity that gets their hearts beating harder, an activity that helps them improve their balance, and activity that increases their muscle strength/endurance, and an activity that focuses on teamwork.  If you can get an activity that does more than one category, even better.
  4. Don't train for sport, train for a lifestyle.  Focus on activities that a child can do throughout life, not just for one season.  Sports can augment a child's physical activity, but doing too much, too fast, too soon leads to burnout and injury.
  5. Make it FUN!  If it isn't fun, it won't last.
Physical activity recommendations state that children should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day (at least three days of the week in vigorous activity), with at least three days of the week focusing on muscle strengthening, and three days focusing on bone strengthening (weight bearing exercise). 

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