Understanding Dry Mouth and Dental Decay

Healthy Aging

“Dry Mouth,” one of the fastest growing oral health problems in North America already affects about 25% of the population. A common side effect of over 500 medications and a symptom of several common conditions, such as diabetes, it can quickly lead to many oral health problems including tooth decay. If you suspect you are suffering from “dry mouth” there are several actions you should take to avoid unnecessary complications.

  • Have your doctor regularly check your medications to make sure that the ones you are taking are necessary
  • visit your dentist to customize a plan of good homecare, regular checkups, cleanings and fluoride application
  • keep your mouth moist by rinsing regularly with water, using over the counter mouth moisturizers, occasionally suck on SUGARLESS hard candy or chew SUGARLESS gum to stimulate increased saliva production.

By being aware of the problem and taking quick preventive action you can minimize devastating dental effects of this common condition.

For more information, visit MouthHealthy.org or www.nidch.nih.gov

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