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Gardening for Health

Grow your own healthy food. Turn your garden into a source of good health. You don't need a lot of space - your edible garden can grow in pots, an old wheelbarrow or a couple of fruit boxes. You will save money, too! Gardening is cheaper than watering your lawn and will help you save at the grocery store.

Gardening encourages adults and kids to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables by:

  • Making fresh fruits and vegetables readily available
  • Adding in the excitement of eating something healthy because you grew it
  • Creating a greater appreciation for how food is grown (Carrots do not magically appear on grocery store shelves.)
  • Providing opportunities to practice preparing nutritious foods and new foods

Research also shows that gardening is an ideal form of exercise. Gardening is a moderate and sometimes strenuous exercise that includes stretching, standing, repetition and movement as well as resistance activities similar to weight training. Regular garden chores can burn anywhere from 120 to 100 calories each half hour, depending on how fast or how hard you are working. If you enjoy the satisfaction of taking care of your own garden, you don't have to give it up just because you have arthritis. In fact, gardening is a great activity for maintaining joint flexibility, range of motion and quality of life.

Get started with a little help from Western Garden Centers.

Do you know how many fruits and vegetables you need? Take the quiz.

Find out how to include more fruits and vegetables - in all forms - into your family's meals every day.


If you don't have the space to start your own home garden, try getting involved with a community garden in your neighborhood. Or, you can organize a garden with your church, community recreation center or other civic organization. Wasatch Community Gardens is one organization that can help you get started!

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