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Human Performance Lab

Professional athletes know the value of having your skills, form and performance observed and tested by a professional. And many of those athletes trust the Institute of Sport Science and Medicine at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital to keep them in top form.

“We have people that come because they are out of shape, they have not been exercising for a long time and they want to start,” says Dr. Massimo “Max” Testa. “Sometimes they have medical conditions that can limit them so they want to know which sport is better, which way to start. How hard to go, how often during the week. So we give them a detailed training program.”

The performance lab is used by heart patients, diabetics and people with asthma, who need to learn how to overcome hyperventilation. Folks with arthritis who are looking for a way to exercise without aggravating painful joints also come looking for advice.

Dr. Testa believes that exercise is the single most important action a person can take to improve their health. But he doesn't think that a generic order from the doctor is enough. And he encourages people who want to start and exercise program to ask their doctor for specific instructions.

Dave Petersen is a self-described weekend warrior who likes to ride long distances on his road bike. Lately, however, those long miles and hill-climbs cause pain in his knees. So, when he learned that he could have Dr. Testa evaluate his riding, he signed up immediately. Dr. Testa is one of the team physicians for the US Cycling team.

“I was just delighted that I was able to meet with Dr. Testa,” says Petersen. “He has such a reputation among professional cyclists. I never imagined that a weekend warrior type cyclist could meet with him.”

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