Opioid Safety

Stay Well

Prescription opioid overdose is the leading cause of injury death in Utahns ages 25-54. Opioid medications commonly prescribed for pain after surgery, a dental procedure, or chronic pain are highly addictive and have risk for overdose death. The Utah Department of Health is launching a “talk to your pharmacist” campaign, encouraging all pharmacists to talk to patients about the dangers of opioids and the steps to take to protect themselves and their families. The public is also being encouraged to ask their pharmacists more about the risks and precautions when being prescribed an opioid and the Department of Health is hoping that between the two parties a helpful and even crucial conversation will take place at the point of medication pick up.

There are locations throughout the state where you will be able to drop off your left over or unused prescription medications. All Utahns are encouraged to clean out their medication cabinets and get rid of any unused or expired medications, namely prescription opioids. The take back day will be the launch of the talk to your pharmacist month, with the hope that as the public cleans out their medicine cabinets they will be prepared and aware of what goes into them moving forward.

  • Prescription opioids kill more Utahns that automobile accidents
  • 6 Utahns die each week from a prescription opioid overdose
  • ¬†Prescription Opioids are just as dangerous as Heroin
  • ¬†Naloxone is a safe drug that can reverse the effects of an overdose


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