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Tai Chi

Tai Chi (pronounced tye-GEE) literally means "the supreme ultimate" and refers to a physical exercise done to improve and maintain excellent health.

In early China, Tai Chi became an exercise for health when its practitioners experienced noticeable better health and prolonged maintenance of good health. Tai Chi was passed down through families, eventually became well known as it developed into Chen style, Yang style, Wu style and some other variants. Now Tai Chi is practiced by large segments of the population in Asia. An older version of Yang style Tai Chi has 108 moves and is done slowly taking about 20 minutes.

Tai Chi is done in slow motion enabling one to sense how the mind, body and energy work together.

Moving in slow motion gives the body and brain the necessary time for new exercise patterns to stabilize.

Then the body's internal organs and their corresponding systems work in unison and the immune system becomes efficient as it protects the body.

Tai Chi at the basic physical level accomplishes:

    1. Gives the body its needed movement.
    2. Provides accurate structural support to the body.
    3. Massages internal organs.
    4. Activates and stretches the smallest muscles and ligaments.
    5. Fluids circulate evenly in the body.
    6. Increases chi flow.
    7. Improves breathing capacity.
    8. Balance and flexibility improve.
    9. Principles in the practice of Tai Chi:
    10. Complete relaxation of the body's muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
    11. Smooth, even, silent breathing and never holding the breath.
    12. Movements that are soft, smooth, fluid and circular with a sense of ease and comfort.
    13. Total utilization of effort, but only to the point of not creating internal strain.
    14. Stretching is accomplished by release, relaxation, and letting go of tension in the nerves and mind instead of on force or willpower to move the muscles.


These are places in Utah where the Tai Chi style "Yang Old Fashioned" is practiced:

  • Master Lu at the  Health Institute - South Salt Lake City, Utah 801-463-1101 
  • Heritage Senior Center - Murray, Utah 801-264-2635  
  • Kearns Senior Center - Kearns, Utah 801- 965-9183

Other Tai Chi instruction:

Dragon Studios - SL and Utah County Classes (couldn't find phone)

West Wind schools
Midvale, Sandy/Draper, Kearns/W. Jordan
Call 801-561-5425

Red Lotus School
345 Pierpont Ave, SLc

Kayo Robertson
Bear River T'ai Chi Ch'uan Society
Smithfield, UT
Center's Major Interest: Yang Style

Dr. Art Barrett
Utah Tai Chi Teacher's Co-op.
50 North University Ave.
Provo, UT
Center's Major Interest: Yang Style

Carolyn Cooper
Tai Chi Flow, Inc.
St. George, UT
Center's Major Interest: Other

Steven Smith
Real Taiji
130 S 1300 E #610
SLC, UT 84102

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