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Regular Water or Vitamin Water?

Susan Blenner, a Registered Dietician with McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, UT suggests that you ask yourself the following questions when deciding which one to choose:

1. Why are you drinking it? Is it because you think you are not getting enough vitamins in your diet? Research has shown that most healthy adults get adequate vitamins in their diets.

2. Are you drinking it to provide you with more energy? Read the label. It may have sugar in the form of fructose which just adds to your calorie intake. Many of these waters claim to promote energy. Check for caffeine content. Caffeine is a stimulant, more than it is "energy" and can actually cause dehydration.

Do these drinks deliver on their claims?
These beverages have not been found to offer special health benefits for most healthy people
Are they worth the cost?
These contain water soluble vitamins  and they need to be replaced on a daily basis  but if you take in an excess of what your body needs, you will excrete these vitamins in your urine, so it is expensive urine.

It is best to get your vitamins from whole foods which also provide fiber and phytonutrients. A better choice for a nutritious snack would be a serving of fruits and / or vegetables if you are needing energy and nutrients.

Drinking plain water and taking a multivitamin / mineral pill is a better substitute for vitamin water because you are getting a more complete package instead of the few and small amounts of vitamins contained in the vitamin waters.

Conclusion: Susan recommends that you eat healthy foods, get regular physical exercise and plenty of sleep for optimum health.


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