Eat Healthy

The Healthy Cook's Companion

The Cooks' Companion - A Guide to Eating Healthy from Check Your Health is designed to help you put healthy eating at the top of your list as you shop for food, plan menus, and make tasty meals and treats.

With this guide, you will learn that with a little planning, substituting, and creativity, eating will be more fun, flavor-filled, and healthy for your family than you would ever have thought possible.

We suggest that you download and print the full copy, or bookmark the online version to help you and your family make healthful changes in the kitchen.

(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the Guide. The entire file is approximately 900K)

You may view or download the guide chapter by chapter as well.

Chapter 1 - The Guide: How it works

Chapter 2 - Menu Planning

Chapter 3 - Healthy Substitutions

Chapter 4 - Healthy Snacks

Chapter 5 - Mealtime Fun

Chapter 6 - Entertaining the Healthy Way

Chapter 7 - Stocking Your Cupboards

Chapter 8 - Herbs and Spices

Chapter 9 - Basic Tools for Healthy Cooking

Chapter 10 - Cooking Methods

Chapter 11 - More Help

Chapter 12 - Citations

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