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Neil Anderson's 7-Day Diets

We all know we're not going to get perfect bodies, but we can improve our heart health and fitness levels which will help us live longer, healthier lives.

As part of the KUTV Fresh Start 2 Fitness program, Neil provided 2News viewers with these four 7-day food plans, designed to help individuals lose weight. The daily calorie intake is based on the amount of weight one needs to lose, and on how active each person is on a daily basis.

If you are sedentary - you spend most of your time sitting - you need fewer calories. If you are moderately active - get 30 minutes or more of moderate activity most days of the week - you will need more calories to meet your body's needs. If you are very active - engaging in 30 to 60 minutes of vigorous activity 5 or more times each week - you will need more calories to help your body sustain that level of activity.

As a rule, men will need more calories than women because they are generally more active and have more muscle mass than women - which means they burn more calories, even when just sitting still.

Check Your Health suggests that you talk to your doctor before beginning any new food or exercise plan, espcially if you have chronic health problems - like high blood pressure or diabetes - or if your BMI falls in the "obese" to "morbidly obese" categories.

Neil Anderson's 7-day diets:

1200 Calories
1400 Calories
1600 Calories
1800 Calories

Any weight loss or healthy food plan should be paired with a physical activity routine. You will have a better chance at successfully losing weight and keeping the weight off if you remain physically active.


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