Eat Healthy

Smart Snacks for Work or School

The practice of snacking between meals has been blamed for “spoiling” children’s appetites and adding unwanted inches to adults’ waistlines. However, those problems come from unhealthy snacking habits.

Convenience and the availability of commercially packaged snack foods that are high in fat, sugar, preservatives and sodium are a barrier to healthy snacking. Most of the snack ideas listed below can be quickly and easily prepared at home. Not only are they healthier than most store-bought snacks, but they also taste great! Many of them can be prepared in advance and in large quantities, and are easy to grab and go.

  • Grab fresh veggies with low-fat dip
  • Make air-popped popcorn or lite microwave popcorn
  • Add low-fat granola to fat-free or low-fat yogurt
  • Grab a handful of dried fruit
  • Keep rice cakes, pretzels, or low-fat tortilla chips and salsa on hand
  • Munch on cold cereal
  • Store graham crackers or gingersnaps at your desk
  • Grab a fudgesicle or popsicle for a sweet treat
  • Try 100% fruit or vegetable juice to quench your thirst
  • Have pudding or chocolate milk made with fat-free milk
  • Keep single serving 100% juice boxes in your car
  • Freeze unsweetened fruit juice into ice cubes or pops
  • Drink a glass of 100% fruit juice anytime
  • Keep cut vegetables in cold water in the front of your refrigerator
  • Buy precut packages of broccoli, carrots and cauliflower
  • Put fruits and vegetables out while dinner is being prepared
  • Put single serving raisin boxes in your cookie jar
  • Use tomatoes to make a fresh salsa. Mix chopped tomatoes with minced onion, garlic and cilantro
  • Prepare a berry spritzer by adding berry puree to sparkling water
  • Serve cut up fruits and vegetables with a yogurt dip
  • Make a yummy fruit salsa using grapes, pineapples and mangoes with brown sugar and onions
  • Serve cucumber slices instead of crackers with dips and spreads
  • Take along dried fruit as a snack
  • Pack an apple for your commute home


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