Fit Kids

Gold Medal Schools

Vision: A tradition of health in all Utah schools

Mission: To create opportunities for students to

  • Eat healthy
  • Be active and
  • Stay tobacco free

Students at Academy Park Elementary are walking every day during their morning recess. Teachers say because of the walking time students are doing better in the classroom. The teachers have also noticed fewer discipline problems. Academy Park is a Gold Medal School and improvements in the classroom and reduced discipline problems are only a few of the benefits they have experienced from joining the program.

Gold Medal Schools (GMS) was created by the Utah Department of Health and is co-sponsored by Intermountain Healthcare. GMS makes it easy for elementary schools throughout Utah to provide more physical activity, better nutrition and tobacco prevention to their students.

Gold Medal Schools is broken into five levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Focus. Each level of participation contains criteria that will help create a healthy environment in the school.

Examples of GMS criteria include:

  • Establishing a Gold Medal Mile walking program on or around school grounds and sets a goal for each student to walk at least one mile each week.
  • Developing a policy for all teachers and staff to follow emphasizing that food is not to be used as a reward or as a punishment.
  • Writing a comprehensive policy that mandates a tobacco-free school and offers smoking cessation support to its faculty.
  • Providing wellness activities for faculty and staff.
  • To see a list of all GMS Criteria click here
Upon completion of each level, schools receive a cash reward that can be used to improve physical activity, nutrition, or tobacco prevention at the school. By the time schools reach Platinum Focus they will have received $1500 as well as other supporting materials.

264 schools have participated in Gold Medal Schools since its start in 2001. See if your school is one of them. If your child's schools is not a Gold Medal School, talk to your principal about signing up.

For more information about Gold Medal Schools visit .


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