Physical Activity is Part of Back to School Success

Physical Activity

Active play should not stop when school starts

School starts this week for the majority of our students in Utah. The transition from summer time
to school schedules can sometimes be difficult. Most children will spend more time in the
classroom and doing homework than playing or engaging in physical activity. Here are some ways
to keep kids physically active for 60 minutes a day.

Physical activity at school

  • Encourage kids to sign up for after-school sports, running clubs, and other physical activity opportunities offered by the school - or volunteer to lead such activities.

    Ask teachers and administrators to reward kids with extra recess or physical activities rather than with sweets.

Walking and biking to school

  • Talk with neighbors about forming walking school busses to get the kids walking and biking to and from school. Walking or biking to school enables children to incorporate the regular physical activity they need each day while also forming healthy habits that can last a
    lifetime. This also provides a unique opportunity to spend a few car-free moments talking
    about safety, responsibility and community.
      • Plan the route and try it. Practice walking and biking together before school begins.
      • Do a bike and helmet check
      • Review traffic signals and signs
      • Promote safe routes to school plan and maps

Physical activity at home

  • Play with your kids. Teach them how to play games recess games i.e. hop scotch, four square, kickball, jump rope, etc.
  • While reviewing math, spelling, or vocabulary have your student be physically active by tossing a ball, or doing local motor movements.
  • Rev-up reading - When reading at home be sure to allow physical activity breaks every 20
  • Walk and Talk - Parents often times will want to talk to students about things at school,
    grades, upcoming test, etc. Take a walk with your children and discuss these things while being physically active.
  • Go Green - Help the environment by walking around the neighborhood or school
    grounds and pick up trash.

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