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Car seats can be tricky; here are some simple tips to help keep your child safe while riding in the car.

Read your car seat manual. Even the experts look at car seat manuals, because each car seat is a little different. Taking the time to read your car seat manual will educate you on the ins and outs of your specific seat.

Keep your child rear-facing until age 2 or older. The rear-facing position is a much safer position than forward facing especially while kids are young and have much larger heads compared to the rest of their body. Keep kids rear facing as long as your car seat will help them to stay safe. Don’t worry about their legs hitting the seat they will learn to fold them and it won’t be uncomfortable.

Keep your child in a 5 point harness as long as your car seat will allow. A 5 point harness will offer much more protection to your child than the seat belt alone. Car seats are available with higher weight limits than ever before. Car seats that go up to 50 pounds are much more common and there are a variety of seats that go even higher.

Boost until 4’9”. Using a booster seat until your child is 4’9” will keep your child safe and more comfortable while they ride in the car. Many children may still need to use a booster even past the age of 8.

If you still have questions there are many certified child passenger safety technicians throughout Utah who are trained to help you install your seat correctly. Go to to find a fitting station near you. You can also get information and installation videos at Safe Kids Utah is a nonprofit organization that strives to keep kids and teen safe from injuries so they can grow up to be whatever they can imagine.


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