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Breakfast in a Flash:  One Minute Breakfast Ideas

*Benefits of Breakfast:

  • Forty years of breakfast studies have shown that when children have breakfast they are:
    •  More alert
    • Participate more fully in school activities
    • Score better on tests
    • Less likely to be easily distracted 
  • Regular breakfast eaters tend to consume less fat, more fiber and more whole grains throughout the day than those that skip breakfast. 
  • Fiber and whole grains independent of their fiber content have been shown to help improve cholesterol levels.

A Breakfast that Satisfies:

  • Combine whole grains or fiber rich foods with protein for staying power.
  • Focus on getting important nutrients, calcium and vitamin D.
  • Bring on the fruit; throw in the veggies for important nutrient benefits.

One Minute Breakfast Ideas:

  • High fiber cereal, skim milk and fruit.
  • Fat free yogurt, almonds and fresh fruit.
  • Whole wheat English muffin toasted, hard-boiled egg, fruit and skim milk.
  • Whole grain waffle with peanut butter and fruit, skim milk.
  • Fresh fruit and veggie smoothie – your choice frozen fruit, throw in some veggies and skim milk. Blend.
    • Blue Banana Smoothie- 8 oz skim milk, 1/2 cup frozen banana slices, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries (190 calories, 1 g fat, 4 g fiber).
    • Smoothie boosts:  Spinach, oatmeal, flax.
  • Instant oatmeal with 100 calorie or less mix in, skim milk and optional fruit.
    • Mix-ins:  Fruit (fresh or dried), nuts, peanut butter.

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