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Exercise During Pregnancy

Being in your best health before becoming pregnant is essential for a healthy pregnancy and baby; but over 30 percent of Utah women entering pregnancy are either overweight or obese. No matter how much you weigh - there is one thing women can do right now to help prevent pregnancy problems - exercise.

Past exercise recommendations for pregnant women were very limiting.  The recommendations were based on theoretical risks with no real research to back up the claims.

Most women can continue to exercise at the same level of intensity they were exercising at before pregnancy.  There are some complications of pregnancy were exercise should be limited or avoided but these are fairly uncommon.

Women who were inactive before pregnancy can begin exercising during pregnancy and slowly increase the time and intensity of the workout.  It is encouraged that inactive women, especially if they are also overweight, begin to increase activity for the overall health of the pregnancy.

Some types of exercise are contraindicated in pregnancy.  These are typically high impact contact sports and diving.

Mom should be aware of her body and discontinue the exercise and check with her doctor or midwife  if she has symptoms such as increased contractions, heart palpitations, dizziness, headache/vision problems, leaking of fluid or bleeding or any other symptom that is new and causes her to be concerned.

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