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Assessing Your Fitness Level

Step One: Get on your scale and weigh yourself.

For years, experts have been telling you not to pay attention to your bathroom scale. However, the only way you can measure the success of your plan is to have a baseline measurement of your body weight and size.

It is best to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, right after you go to the bathroom. When you finish weighing yourself, put the scale away. You won't need it again until the next week when you will weigh and measure your body again. If you do this every week at the same time and the same day, you will create a consistent record of your progress.

Step Two: Measure your body in inches

Using a standard cloth tape measure, record measurements from several different body areas each week. This is probably the best way to see improvements in your fitness levels.

  • The first measurement is around your chest, using your nipples as a guideline. Be sure to measure your chest in the same place each week.
  • Your second measurement should be around your waistline, using your belly button as your guide.
  • Third, measure six inches up from the top of your kneecap. Make a small mark on your thigh. Wrap the tape measure around your thigh with the bottom of the tape touching the line on your leg. You must measure this way each time to get a consistent report.
  • Next, measure three inches up from your elbow and make a mark. Measure your upper arm in the same fashion as your upper leg.

Step Three: Begin your workout plan

Now that you have your baseline measurements, you will be able to track your progress. Use those changes as motivation to help you keep going.

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