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My Plate
Choose My Plate
Choose My Plate is a simple website helping families eat healthy. Find tips on eating healthy on a budget, sample menus and recipes and dietary guidelines from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The website also provides a personalized tracker to plan your activity and meal plans.

The Mayo Clinic nutrition specialists have designed a comprehensive website dedicated to teaching healthy eating principles. Visit this website to learn more about building a better diet, weight loss, healthy recipes and food pyramids tailored to specific cultures and needs, including: Latin, Asian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian and Healthy Weight.

Harvard School of Public Health
The Nutrition Source is designed to get you started down the path toward the healthiest diet possible. Visit their website to explore the latest science about health eating for adults and find answer to key questions about what you should eat.

Fruits and Veggies More Matters is a non-profit organization design to increase fruit and vegetable consumption to 5 or more a day to improve the healthy of all Americans.

Nutrition Data provides complete nutritional information for any food or recipe, and helps you select foods that best meet your dietary needs. Get a nutrition analysis for all your favorite recipes.

The Fast Food Explorer
At this site you can search for a food in a common fast food restaurant and it will tell you the nutrition facts such as; calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol. 

Calorie Control
The Calorie Control Council, established in 1966, is an international association representing the low-calorie and reduced-fat food and beverage industry.  Today it represents 30 manufacturers and suppliers of low-calorie, low-fat and light foods and beverages, including the manufacturers and suppliers of more than two dozen different dietary sweeteners, fat replacers, fibers and other low-calorie ingredients.

Healthy Body Calculator
By entering certain information about yourself, you can learn your weight range, body frame size, body mass index, waist to hip ratio, and healthy exercise suggestions.


Calculate Your BMI

Figure your Body Mass index (BMI) using your weight and height.
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