Eat Healthy

Portion Distortion

It is difficult for the best of us to estimate proper portion sizes. Here are some visuals that can help you Eat Healthy!

Handful = 1-2 oz.
1 oz. nuts = 1 handful or 2 oz. pretzels = 2 handfuls
Fist = 1cup
Example: Two servings of pasta or oatmeal

Palm = 3 oz. Example: a cooked serving of meat.
(NOT including your fingers or thumb)

Thumb = 1 oz.
Example: piece of cheese
1 fruit serving= ½ cup canned or 1 medium fruit
(about the size of a tennis ball)
1 meat, poultry or fish serving= 3 oz
(about the size of a deck of cards)
1 grain= 1 slice bread, presliced
(about the size of a cassette tape) or
1/2 cup pasta
(about the size of an adult woman's palm, stacked 1" high)
1 dairy serving=8 ounces
(the size of a container of individual yogurt)
1 vegetable serving = 1/2 cup cooked or canned vegetables (about ½ a baseball)
1 fat serving= 1 teaspoon
(about the size of 4 stacked dimes)

Are you filling your plate with too much food? These examples of serving sizes will help you understand portion sizes.

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