Fit Kids

Eat for a Healthy Weight

Every day, children need three healthy meals and about two healthy snacks. Having a healthy breakfast is extremely important. Children who eat healthy breakfasts are better able to concentrate and learn in and out of the classroom.

How much food is right for your child? It depends. The chart below estimates calorie needs. Use the lower number if a family member is less active - the higher number if he or she is more active.

  Age Daily Calories
Child 2-3 years 1,000-1,400
Female 4-8 1,200-1,800
9-13 1,400-2,200
14-30 1,800-2,400
31-50 1,800-2,200
51+ 1,600-2,200
Male 4-8 1,200-2,000
9-13 1,600-2,600
14-18 2,000-3,200
19-30 2,400-3,000
31-50 2,200-3,000
51+ 2,000-2,800

When choosing what calories to eat, make smart choices. Most fast food, soft drinks, candy, chips and baked goods offer a lot of calories that are high in fat and sugar, but little or no nutrients. Try to feed your family something from each food group - grains, vegetables, fruits, milk products, meat and beans - every day.

Find out how to include more fruits and vegetables - in all forms - into your family's meals every day.

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