Be Active

Physical Activity at Work

Exercise does take time and presents a challenge for those who lead busy lives. However, time also equals health! Try the following tips to fit more exercise into your busy day:

Get Serious.
Make a commitment to your personal health.

Set Goals
. Goal-setting is your road map to success. Set short, intermediate and long-term goals and make sure these goals are realistic and attainable.

Get Organized
. Schedule a daily appointment with yourself. It may be in the morning or evening, before or after work, or even during your lunch hour.

Surprise Yourself.
Your fitness program does not have to be a highly organized, structured affair. Short bits of exercise can be just as effective as long workouts. Try to accumulate 30 minutes or more a day of moderately-strenuous activities, such as walking, cycling, housework or gardening, on most days of the week. It all adds up in the end!

Don't Give Up.
If you skipped a workout because you had an urgent matter to attend to, don’t give up. You can always make up for it tomorrow. Fitness should not be an all-or-nothing affair!

Have Fun. Ask a friend to join you or change your routine by using use different combinations of exercises. Make weekend exercise a family affair. A hike in the woods, a game in the pool, sharing gardening chores or an evening of dancing are not only great ways to exercise and reduce your stress level, it also adds up to quality time with the people you love.

Calculate Your BMI

Figure your Body Mass index (BMI) using your weight and height.
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